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Does Double Glazing Reduce Energy Bills

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  • 14-12-2022
Does Double Glazing Reduce Energy Bills

Does double glazing reduce energy bills? This article looks at how energy efficient glazing works to reduce heat loss and how much you can save from installing energy efficient glazing.

The Facts About Double Glazing: 

The construction of double-glazing can enforce several benefits for property and homeowners. A single-glazed window with microscopically thin coating may lose approximately 18-25% of heat, granting your household low emissivity, making them more energy-efficient than newer models of a thicker design.

Throughout the winter or colder months, it's vital that the inside of your building needs to be warmer and that its features reduce and eliminate the risk of harsh draughts so that less heat is radiated out of the energy-efficient windows and doors. However, in hot summer months, the extra layer of glass within the double-glazing design can assist homeowners in reducing heat loss by keeping out the heat energy from the sunlight.

We also recommend incorporating features or furniture like thick curtains, chairs or blinds into your insulated home, as this will also help keep out extreme heat levels from penetrating your rooms. Double-glazed units are long-lasting aspects of your household or property, with a lifespan of around 25 years, making it an excellent, cost-effective long-term investment.

North-facing windows are positioned towards cold conditions, dampness or mould or moss growth, whereas windows that face South are typically met with the most substantial level of sunshine. Windows that experience such significant levels of harsh weather may be subject to more wear and tear and a shorter lifespan.

Does Double Glazing Reduce Energy Bills?

Double Glazing Energy Efficiency Ratings

Double-glazing window units offer similar energy-efficient ratings to a fridge, ranging from A, G to A+ to represent their thermal efficiency. 

An improved energy-efficiency rating is used to measure a unit's energy performance and ability to insulate your home and offer sturdy windows; it considers numerous components, such as the glass and the frame.

These energy-efficient ratings are represented with a letter that professionals will give to certain brands based on the air leakage, the heat accumulated from the sun passing through your windows and the thermal efficiency they provide for insulation. 

When considering monetary savings, the rated windows in category B double-glazing have an estimated price of around £110-£140 every year, especially for detached homes.

Ten years with these heating costs will amount to approximately £1,100-£1,400, and with twenty years, you can expect your savings to be around £2,200-£2,800 according to the current energy prices.

Please remember that due to the recent hikes in energy prices, these estimations are subject to change and more than likely increase. 

Expect category A or A+ rated double-glazing savings to be of an even higher cost, as they are deemed more thermally efficient manufacturing.   

It is paramount to invest in the best deal of high-quality windows recommended by the UK's Energy Saving Trust to ensure they work well throughout your home to reduce significant heat loss levels. 

Many manufacturers can utilise advanced glass technology throughout the inner glass panel; a design used to reduce heat inside your property that you would generally lose if you had installed single-glazing windows.

The outer pane of such design ensures heat from the natural sunlight can penetrate through and provide heat instead of constantly using your central heating system, which is useful for those wishing to save more money. 

Its glass is specially coated, making it of the heat and light energy it enables to pass into your home and those it reflects. The outer pane ensures heat is retained, and the more that it is concealed in your property, the less the outer pane of glass is heated by the escaping wavelengths of energy.

By investing in double-glazing, you can successfully prevent heat loss and encourage a wealth of warmth during the colder seasons of the year. 

Double-glazing is suitable for trapping air between both panes of glass, which helps curate a solid insulating barrier that prevents heat from escaping. Its design allows for the glass to be perfectly sealed together, with air inside replaced with argon gases that provide superior insulation

 Window and door manufacturers use approximately 16mm gaps between their two glazing panes, filling them with an inert gas known to enhance thermal performance and sealing them together to curate a specific barrier that slows down heat loss. 

Professional fitters then make and measure the unit to fit the frame or the hole in the wall of your property. They then fix and seal them securely, ensuring an airtight fit for energy efficiency. 

It's challenging to perceive how much an individual may save whilst heating their homes with double-glazing installed. The estimation is based on various factors, such as your energy usage and the level of glazing your property was previously accustomed to. 

The GGF energy savings calculator helps replace old timber double-glazing providing 8-10mm spacing with brand-new A-rated double-glazing for detached households with electric heating.

Such replacements could ensure you successfully save at least £285 or over in a year in heating bills. You may save much more depending on how long you keep your thermostat on and how high you set its controls, which shouldn't be too long or high with double-glazing and effective insulation throughout your building. 

Customers often ask professionals in the field if a brand-new installation of double-glazing time will eventually pay for itself through the money you save in energy bills. 

It is virtually impossible to recover the entire costs of the window glazing installation from what you accumulate in heating bills; however, you can expect a much more significant reduction in the amount you use almost immediately.

The extent of the reduction you are faced with will usually depend on your previous glazing and energy usage. Window glazing is a vital aspect of your home. 

You may discover that its performance will decrease as windows age and experience more wear and tear, making them less energy-efficient. Old UPVC frames may appear unsightly, leading to a whole host of problems in the future, such as dampness and draughts in the winter months that may result in mould growth.

Double-glazing is an excellent housing feature that will provide more warmth for your home and is an investment that adds value to your property building, ensuring it is more appealing to customers. You may find the initial double-glazing cost to be relatively off-putting. 

However, if you consider the long-term benefits and the savings you could garner in the future, it is quite a cost-effective option to help heat your home. 

For robust, excellent insulation, you want to ensure that there is a minimum of at least 16mm spacing between two glass panels, and you or professionals must fill the cavity with argon or other inert gases, as this will help reduce any significant heat transfers. 

Window fitters should also include several non-metallic separators throughout to ensure all panels are kept apart.

When doing all you can to reduce heat loss in your property, there are a few low-cost options available, such as thick curtains, vents and blinds, perhaps of a darker shade to absorb the warmth, depending on the room. These are cost-effective alternatives, and they'll provide a few subtle benefits; however, they possess a different level of insulative properties than double-glazing can offer.

Heat loss across single-glazing windows will typically occur much faster than it would if you installed double-glazing. With single-glazing, you're more likely going to spend money on repairs and replacements, as these types of glazing are thinner and more fragile. 

Double-glazing provides customers in the area with numerous benefits to your property or home. Ideally, they must be installed from inside the building, as it makes them easier to remove, should you desire to have them replaced later on or before selling. 

Once your new windows have been implemented, you'll find that your condensation in winter is reduced, which replenishes the aesthetics of your property and will reduce the risk of mould growth in your house. A higher-quality window frame will also help you save the time and expenses you may have spent on repairs and maintenance.

Ultimately, one of the most significant aspects of double-glazing, and the most prominent reason for installing it, is that your household becomes energy-efficient, producing a smaller carbon footprint that is more eco-friendly. 

Alongside the advantages of thermal insulation, double-glazing also supplies an extra lining of security and acoustic insulation to remove outside noise, making the rooms of your home more soundproof, which is best for quieter homes. 

They provide excellent physical protection far superior to single-glazed windows, meaning the inside of your household will be much quieter and safer, which will appeal to many. 

If you wish to put your home on the market in a few years, we recommend installing double-glazed windows into the home if you haven't already because it can enhance the overall quality of the home and draw in more potential buyers.

Double-glazing is synonymous with preventing detrimental heat loss inside a home or property, as it is more effective at keeping the heat in. You won't have to crank your thermostat up to the highest temperature regulations, nor have the system on for as long as usual, which will reduce the costs on your monthly and yearly energy bills.

Many claim that it is an excellent investment for your household or property as double-glazing saves you money in the long run if you're willing to spend a little extra beforehand. You may wonder how much it costs to purchase double glazing for your property and how much you can save.

Its cost can vary depending on the size of your window and the installed type; however, the average price of double-glazed windows is around £300-£500, not including the installation costs. 

Yet, the money you can save on energy bills can be at least £130 each year and could increase depending on how efficient you are with your heating and how frequently it is used.

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