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How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze A House

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  • 15-12-2022
How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze A House

How much does it cost to double glaze a house in the UK? We look at the factors affecting the cost of double glazing and the supply costs of double glazing.

How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze A House?

It is logical for businesses to reduce the cost of double glazing a property as you will be purchasing products from that company instead of just buying individual windows. 

Although it is quite difficult to say the exact price on how much it would cost for you to double glaze a property, this article should give you a strong indication of the estimates you can use as a starting point for your budget and ensure that you find the right quote.

If the quotes you are receiving are much higher than what this article indicates you should be paying, then this is a sign that you are potentially being quoted an amount which is way too high. 

If the price given to you is within or below the price average, then you will probably be getting a good deal or, at the very least, a deal that is accurate to the rest of the industry's standards.

We have attempted to consider all the costs when it comes to the overall design and style of the window, but there are other costs that need to be considered as well from the customer's perspective. 

Factors such as when the property was built, the size of the home, and the number of windows in the property all need to be considered, as they play an important role in determining the cost of a property's double glazing.

How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze A House UK?


Are you struggling to find accurate pricing for your home's double glazing?? It is inevitable for the costs to change depending on the size of your property, as well as the number of windows and doors you have.

 The type of double glazing you choose can have a major impact on the pricing too. With all that being said, below are some estimated price guides so you can plan for your budget.

If you have a home with eight windows and two uPVC doors, the average cost for a double glazing job will be around £6,000 on the low end and as high as £15,000 as the most expensive. The average cost for this work is around £12,000.

If you have a home with fifteen windows and two uPVC doors, the average cost for a double glazing job will be around £10,000 on the low end and as high as £24,000 as the most expensive. The average cost for this work is around £19,000.

If you have a larger home with twenty windows and two uPVC doors, the average cost for a double glazing job will be around £14,000 on the low end and as high as £32,000 as the most expensive. The average cost for this work is around £24,000.

What are the factors affecting the cost of double glazing?

There are various different factors which have an effect on the cost of double glazing for your property. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The number of windows you have installed in your home. Obviously, the more windows you have, the more the final cost will be.
  • The style and quality of the glass being installed
  • The style and type of locks that you have on your current windows
  • Ease of access to the property
  • Whether scaffolding will be necessary in order to install the new sets of double glazed windows
  • The type of windows that you currently have

It is also helpful to remember that any simplified double glazing quotes usually do not factor in any particular special requirements, such as having coloured frames, the energy rating of your window, or the installation of special locking mechanisms. So when you are looking at any price-point special offer, the actual cost you will pay at the end of the work could be more.

Before you actually have double glazing work done, it is common for the double glaze installer to come to your home so that they can have a full survey of the property and discuss any unique special requirements that you may want before they hand you a completely broken down quote for the windows of your choice on your property.

What Are The Supply Costs of Double Glazing?

Do you have a strict budget you are trying to stick to with your windows? Or are you just considering purchasing the double glazed window outright yourself and cutting out the middleman? In the subsections below, we will fully outline all the costs for the various different types of double glazed windows available across the UK.

 Fixed Window Cost

A fixed installation is a window which cannot be opened. The only function of this window is to allow light into the home and brighten up the space where it has been installed.The price for a fixed double glazed window is commonly around £150 to £300. This is excluding the cost of the installation.

 Casement Window Cost

A casement is one of the most popular double glazing options. The design features a hinge on on side of the window frame that allows the window to open outwards. The supply cost for casement windows is commonly between £200 to £400.

 Sliding Window Cost

Sliding windows slide horizontally across so that one or more sides can open up. If you are planning to purchase a sliding window yourself, then you should be expecting to pay somewhere around the £450 to £1,000 mark.

 Sash Window Cost

This is a similar type of window to the sliding window option. The difference here is that the window slides vertically rather than horizontally. The cost of the sash window is commonly somewhere between £500 and £900.

 Tilt & Turn Window Cost

Tilt and turn windows are one of the most versatile options for a home. This is because the window opens up like a normal casement window but can also be turned in order to be angled into the room to help with any ventilation issues. The price for a tilt and turn window is somewhere between £400 and £600.

 Skylight Window Cost

A skylight is a common type of roof window. They are fantastic for loft conversions and can be fitted to improve the lighting, views, and ventilation in a space. The supply cost for a skylight is somewhere between £750 and £900.

 Bay Window Cost

A bay window is constructed out of three windows which have been fitted together. It is common for this kind of window to be located at the front of a property. The cost of bay windows will usually range from somewhere between £1,200 to £2,000


Sliding Windows


Skylight Windows

What would be the cost of replacing double glazing for a 3-bed house?

The larger your property is, the higher the cost of your double glazing will be. The cost you will pay for your double glazing will depend on the number of windows and doors installed on your property.

So the cost of having double glazing done on a three-bedroom property will be much higher than having it done on a one-bedroom house. When you are looking for a quote, it is recommended that you first count all the windows and doors in your home and then ask for a quote based on this figure rather than just speaking about the number of bedrooms that your home has, as this can become confusing.


Double glazing hourly rates 

The current average hourly rate for a glazier in the UK is around £31 per hour. During this time, a glazier will measure up and cut the glass to the exact requirements that you have asked for, and they can also fit and install the glass in the location of your choosing.

As you would expect, much like with all other aspects of glazing, the hourly rate that you will pay will be dependent on factors such as where in the country you are based. For example, in London, you should expect to pay much more for your double glazing.

The best way for you to truly receive an accurate idea of how much you will be paying by the hour for double glazing is to speak with an expert in your area and receive a quote for the work that you want to be carried out.

Which type of double glazing is best?

 UPVC double glazed windows

uPVC, also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride windows, has a variety of different benefits. When it comes to your finances, they are an excellent choice. This is because they can often be up to three times cheaper than a wooden frame. They can also deliver market-leading energy efficiency to your home, meaning that your heating bills can be kept down.

In addition to this, the windows are also recyclable, so when it comes time for your windows to be removed, the plastic can go to be used again. uPVC windows and doors are also highly durable and are now available in a wide variety of different colours and finishes. This includes a traditional-looking wood effect.

The windows are easy to keep clean too. No matter how you are planning to have uPVC installed in your home, there will be a choice for you as they come in a selection of styles, such as sash windows and tilt-and-turn windows. If your home has a bay window, then you can utilise a uPVC structure in order to wonderfully accentuate and show off that fantastic sweeping design feature at the front of your property.

 Timber double glazed windows

Although this is not quite as energy efficient or cheap as uPVC, as you would expect, it is still by far the more environmentally friendly option when you are looking at installing new double glazed windows in your home. 

Of course, wood is naturally renewable, but in addition to this, timber windows and doors do not need to have all the same chemical and intensive processes that uPVC units have to go through during their manufacturing process. 

Looking beyond how eco-friendly and green timber windows are, there is a general consensus of opinion by a lot of people that wooden windows just look a lot nicer.

They are thought to be a lot more traditional looking than uPVC windows, as well as generally nicer, solid, and more subtle than uPVC, especially if this window work is being done on a period property. 

Timber double glazed windows are available in all the same styles as uPVC, but if they are looked after properly, timber windows can last an entire lifetime. This makes the initially higher price of timber windows worthwhile, as you will never need to replace them.

 Aluminium double glazed windows

Having a slimmer, sleeker and lighter profile aluminium double glazed window installed can give your property a highly modern and contemporary feel. 

Aluminium is a highly strong and weather-resistant material, so if you choose this type of window, you will find that the initially expensive investment will pay off when it comes to long term durability and low maintenance.

Aluminium double glazed windows are usually presented in their natural colour of silver, but in modern times aluminium can be painted in a wide variety of different shades and patterns. This means that no matter what, you are certain to find a highly unique look for your property. Much like with uPVC and timber windows, an aluminium double glazed window can be created to fit a bay window or to be used in a tilt and turn design.

 Steel double glazed windows

These are very similar in their appearance to an aluminium window. Steel double glazed windows are incredibly thin and have very minimalist frames. In a lot of ways, they echo the style that was used for traditional brick warehouse windows.

Steel double glazed windows are usually installed in industrial heritage buildings, but over time have become more popular with property owners who are looking for a particular kind of industrial and minimal look for their home. 

They are often seen in black, but steel windows can very easily be painted whatever colour would suit you and your property. Simply speak to your local double glazing expert, and they will be able to match the finish to the look that you have planned for your property.


Timber Double Glazed


Aluminium Double Glazed

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