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What Are The Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows

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  • 15-12-2022
What Are The Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows

What are the advantages of double glazed windows? This article looks at the many benefits of updating your windows to double glazing.

What Is Double Glazing?

Before we dive into all the fantastic advantages that are offered by double glazing, it is important for you to understand what exactly double glazing is and why it is so useful in modern homes. To put it simply, double glazed windows feature two distinct layers of glass that have a layer of glass trapped within the gap between them.

With double the amount of glass panes, as well as the extra layer of gas between them, it stands to reason that double glazed windows provide double the amount of heat insulation as a single glazed window. Once they have been sealed, the new double glazed replacement windows will be completely airtight and able to give your home improved performance all year round.

What are the advantages of double glazed windows?

 Double glazing is warmer in the winter

The main benefit of using double glazed windows is that they were specifically developed in order to provide better insulation to homes than traditional single glazing.

Double glazed windows provide a much better barrier than single glazed windows which means they reduce the amount of heat transfer from your home to the cold air outside.

This means that your home is better at keeping the heat inside during the colder months of the year, and during scorching summer months, the windows keep the extreme heat outside.

Essentially, the better insulation that is provided by double glazed windows ensures that you can enjoy your winters being warmer and your summers being cooler within the home.

What Are The Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows?

 Double glazing is Easy to maintain

Most people assume that having double glazed windows leads to all kinds of difficulties with the window's maintenance, but this is just a common misconception.

As long as you clean your windows on a regular basis so that dust doesn't cause discolouration and wipe off any condensation to avoid the rotting of the window frames, your new double glazed windows will have a long lifespan. Many new double glazed window manufacturers will even include easy clean technologies with their products so the windows are easy to maintain and will also themselves break down dirt.

 Double glazing saves on energy cost

Double glazing allows your property to retain as much of the heat as possible that it gains from the sunlight during the daytime. The increased level of insulation will also mean that you will need to turn on the heating much less during the year's colder winter months.

When the time rolls around and it starts getting warm all summer long, the double glazing will mean that your home is cooler, and you will not need to use your air conditioning and fans anywhere near as much. All this translates to you paying considerably lower energy consumption bills, meaning your hard earned money can be spent elsewhere.

 Double glazing can increase safety

Normal glass windows are quite vulnerable. In most cases, they are quite easy for burglars to break through. This means that the security of your property could become compromised at any point. Double glazing is achieved by using two sheets of glass that have been pressed together with a gaseous space in between. This means that breaking the glass is almost impossible for anyone on the outside.

We would highly recommend replacing your older glass windows with new double glazed frames if you are looking for improved safety and security. Many new double glazed windows will also have multiple locking techniques so that you can boost the safety of your home and everyone living within.

 Double glazing can reduce condensation

Have you ever looked at your windows and seen tiny water droplets? These droplets appear because the windows are actually cooler than the air which is inside your home.

This then causes the moisture present on the window panes to condense. With double glazing, the temperature of the interior window pane will be much closer to the air temperature within your home so that the condensation can be avoided.

Although this may not look that serious at first, consideration can have major consequences for your home and your health. All these small water droplets can lead to mould and mildew growth which can cause a variety of different health issues.

The humidity can also lead to the wooden window frames beginning to rot and break down. Having reduced levels of condensation in your home will help to avoid all the costs that come with repairs and maintenance due to the harm caused by water damage.


 Double glazing can reduce noise

If you have ever lived in a home where the windows seem to allow even the smallest amount of noise into your house, then you will know how grating it can be. With double glazing, there will be no more worrying about annoying noise. Double glazing provides much better insulation from noise in comparison to single glazing.

This is fantastic if you live in an area with a lot of sounds, such as next to a busy road or near an airport. Double glazing allows your home to be a quiet and peaceful haven away from the busy world outside those walls. This also means that any noise from inside your home will be kept there. You can discuss anything you wish without worrying someone will hear and play music loudly without scaring your neighbours.

 Double glazing is Aesthetically pleasing

Double glazing just has a fantastic way to boost the curb appeal of your property. In modern times, all architectural profiles can be fitted without having to compromise on the original look and feel of the property.

This means that even older traditional properties that never would have had double glazing can have the work done without spoiling the property's aesthetics. By employing the service of a contractor who is experienced and you can trust, you can be sure that your double glazing will look fantastic in your home.

 Double glazing can Increase property value

Adding double glazing to your property makes your home much more desirable to potential home buyers. This has been proven by expert research carried out by estate agents time and time again. In fact, when it comes to adding value to your property, many see double glazing as a total necessity.

Your property will actually be at a disadvantage if you only have single glazing. Most potential buyers will simply want to upgrade the windows to double as soon as they get ownership, and this will then be factored into their offer. People are very conscious these days about saving money on their energy bills, so double glazing is highly important.

 Double glazing is cooler in the summer

Double glazing is commonly associated with keeping the home highly insulated and warm during the cold months of the year, but in addition to keeping the heat inside the property during the cold months, it can also be used to keep out hot air during the warm summer months.

Double glazed windows will stop the convection of heat from the outside of the property to the inside of the home. Double glazed windows do this by using the empty gaseous space that is found in between the two panes of glass.

This small area that is pressed between the two layers of glass doesn't allow heat to break through. We would highly recommend double glazing as an energy efficient way to keep your home nice and cool during the summer months.


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