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Double Glazed Doors Dereham, Norfolk

Door Double Glazing Specialists

Our professional team at The Dereham Window Company Ltd are trained specialists in double-glazing - we have the know-how to help you with all your glazing needs, no matter what you require, we can provide it with expertise.

We make it our job to provide clients with the double-glazed insulation they need - especially in the winter months.

Replacing outdated doors with new double glazing will help you save money on heating your house; fewer draughts and greater temperature management mean less need to switch on the heater, lowering your energy usage.

Tailored specifically for you!

Domestic & Commercial Glazing

We supply double-glazing doors and windows to both household and commercial premises, so whether you're at home or at work, you can always be confident that your doors are giving you the security and panel strength you want. It's understandable to want to feel safe and secure in any facility; this is why we serve both household and commercial clients.

uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are stronger and more lasting than most other types of doors.

If you look at a wooden door or frame, you'll see that moisture and constant fluctuations in weather and temperature can cause it to deform or even decay.

Composite Doors

Due to their endurance, composite doors provide more security than any other material you may be considering for your new doors.

If you have a glass pane installed in the door, if someone tries to break in, the laminated glass will shatter but remain in place.

Stable Doors

It may appear that stable doors are less secure than conventional doors, however, this is not the case.

There is multipoint locking on both sides of the door, which keeps it secure even when one side is open.

French Doors

In addition to allowing an abundance of natural light into the home, French doors are very utilitarian since they not only provide simple access but also create a double-sized aperture, making it easier to transport heavy goods into and out of the home.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are a type of door used to link a house to a patio or deck. They are comparable to ordinary doors, except they are bigger; this enables more natural light into the home and gives a view of the backyard or patio.

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Door installer Near You

If you're looking for a local door installation firm, go no further than The Dereham Window Company Ltd. We're glazing, doors, and windows specialists, so if you need a new door or double-glazing, we're the people to contact.

Our devoted crew is always available to assist you and give exactly what you want to the highest standards. Working efficiently and successfully in our profession allows us to assist as many locals as possible, so please contact us if you want skilled services.

Your Local Double Glazed Door Installation Company

Here at The Dereham Window Company Ltd, we're the glazing specialists that understand all that has to be done to help you; every project we work on is tailored to your requirements. So whether you need a new door installation or glazed doors, we're the experts that can help.

Front Doors

Since they must be made weathertight, outdoor door units are intrinsically more difficult to install than inside door units, even though the method is largely the same. 

Before installing a new unit, we make sure that everything is up-to-scratch.

Back Doors

Normally, replacing an exterior door takes five to six hours.

An interior door could be finished a little more quickly as it doesn't need the typical weatherproofing techniques. Usually, it takes two to four hours to install an inside door.

Entrance Doors

We at The Dereham Window Company Ltd are experts when it comes to entry and interior doors.

New doors may radically transform the look and feel of your house, especially if you select a glass or part-glazed doors to allow light to flow about.

Our Double Glazing Services

Double Glazed Windows In Dereham And Norfolk

Double Glazed

Double-glazed windows reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes because the airtight seal prevents condensation from developing. Other windows typically allow condensation to accumulate, allowing mould to form in window panes.

 Double Glazed Doors In Dereham And Norfolk

Double Glazed

Double-glazed doors are particularly sturdy and will increase the security of your property,  making it safer. Furthermore, if you want to sell your home, double glazing is a wonderful method to boost its selling value.

Double Glazed Conservatories In Dereham And Norfolk

Double Glazed Conservatories

The simplest method to alter any home's curb appeal from unimpressive to breath-taking is to upgrade your conservatory to energy-efficient double glazing.