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Double Glazed Windows Dereham, Norfolk

Double Glazed Window Specialists

Our professional team at Dereham Window Company Ltd are trained specialists in double-glazing - we have the know-how to help you with all your glazing needs, no matter what you require, we can provide it with expertise. 

We make it our job to provide clients with the double-glazed insulation they need - especially in the winter months.

Replacing outdated windows with new double glazing will help you save money on heating your house; fewer draughts and greater temperature management mean less need to switch on the heater, lowering your energy usage.

Tailored specifically for you!

Why Choose Us

Here at Dereham Window Company Ltd, we are an efficient team of professionals, we're a reliable, quick-working and cost-effective company that strives to help solve your glazing issues.

We understand that having single-glazed panels lets out precious heat, is home to mould growth and can be easily breakable; therefore, by investing in our double-glazing installations, we can eradicate all of those issues and more.  Your windows, doors and conservatories are safe in our glazing-specialist hands.

Window Services We Offer

We provide a wide range of glazing services here at Dereham Window Company Ltd, including services for multiple types of windows such as casement, sash and flush sash. 

At Dereham Window Company Ltd, we accommodate each client and the types of windows, doors and conservatories they have - we believe that we should always accommodate you and the plans you have for your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows provide exceptional ventilation.

No other window style opens as far as a casement window, and they also function as a funnel to bring cool outside air into a home if it is needed on a hot summer day.

French Casement Windows

A French window opens wide to provide a vast area to keep your house properly aired.

Because there's no central post in the window frame, you have some flexibility with French windows since the panes may be hinged to open inwards or outwards.

Sash Windows

Another reason to favour sash windows is their security. Because just one panel can be opened at a time, they are far more difficult to get through than casement windows.

It's also simple to add extra security measures like locks and kid safety devices.

Flush Sash Windows

Flush sash windows are extremely adaptable and may be tailored to any property to ensure a perfect fit.

With a selection of high-security locking mechanisms to enhance increased protection, you can secure your family and house.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows offer superior air sealing than sliding, single or double-hung window frames.

This means they're less prone to water leaks and chilly draughts, and you'll be able to retain more of your heating inside, where it belongs. 

Aluminium Windows

Though it is a lightweight metal, aluminium is renowned for being robust; it can therefore survive the weather without withering. 

Aluminium windows last a long period; in fact, they're a fantastic option if you want big windows or if you want windows in places where storms are common.

quick and cost effective!

Supply and Installation

When you work with Dereham Window Company Ltd, we make certain that our supplies are up-to-date and appropriate for you.

We realise how vital having the appropriate materials and a seamless installation procedure is, therefore we make sure everything is flawless before we begin.

At Dereham Window Company Ltd, you never have to worry about a sloppy installation or subpar materials since we use only the best vendors in the industry.


Double & Triple Glazing Solutions

Both triple glazing and double glazing have several advantages. Due to the additional glass pane and the thicker unit, triple glazing delivers significantly better noise reduction as well as slightly higher energy efficiency. The appealing energy efficiency ratings a triple-glazed unit displays are among the main arguments for switching to triple glazing.

The extra sheet of glass significantly lowers heat loss. If you have a smaller budget or if double glazing fits better with your present house, it is still a smart investment for your property. Double glazing is also more popular and less expensive than triple glazing.

Norfolk Window Glazing Solutions

If you're in the region and searching for a dependable, local company, you can always count on us to get the job done. At Dereham Window Company Ltd, we offer the best glazing solutions and services throughout Norfolk. We take pleasure in assisting families in finding the ideal glazing solution so they no longer have to worry about security, panel strength, or escaping heat in the winter.

When it comes to glazing, doors, and windows, we are the professionals to turn to. Having your glazing, doors, and windows taken care of while you live in a home is essential for your peace of mind; fortunately, Dereham Window Company Ltd handles this to absolute perfection. 

Double Glazed Windows In Dereham And Norfolk

Double Glazed

Double-glazed windows reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes because the airtight seal prevents condensation from developing. Other windows typically allow condensation to accumulate, allowing mould to form in window panes.

 Double Glazed Doors In Dereham And Norfolk

Double Glazed

Double-glazed doors are particularly sturdy and will increase the security of your property,  making it safer. Furthermore, if you want to sell your home, double glazing is a wonderful method to boost its selling value.

Double Glazed Conservatories In Dereham And Norfolk

Double Glazed Conservatories

The simplest method to alter any home's curb appeal from unimpressive to breath-taking is to upgrade your conservatory to energy-efficient double glazing.